Making Dentistry More Affordable with QDP

Stoute Dental is pleased to offer the Quality Dental Plan. Our goal is to help you have the beautiful, healthy smile that you want and deserve. There are many reasons why people stay away from the dentist, but one comment we hear frequently is, “I couldn’t come because I didn’t have dental insurance.” We are now pleased to offer the Quality Dental Plan for all of our patients who don’t have dental benefits.



Quality Dental Plan LogoThe annual enrollment fee is only $250*; which includes:
  • Your initial exam, first set of x-rays & cleaning – (valued at $248)
  • Your exam & cleaning appointment at your next 6 month appointment. 2 cleanings per year (valued at $160)
  • Any other x-rays or examinations that might be needed throughout the year
You save at least $300 on your first two visits!
  • For ALL dental treatment that you complete within 12 months of enrollment (not calendar year), you will receive a 15% discount, with no annual limits. This even applies to elective procedures such as Whitening and Veneers. Discount for Orthodontics is 10%.
  • If you require nonsurgical periodontal therapy (also called “deep cleaning”) for gum disease, that is not included in the enrollment fee. However, it is immediately subject to the 20% discount.
  • For each additional immediate family member added the additional annual enrollment fee is only a $199*.
Do you own or work for a small business?
It’s very difficult to find affordable dental insurance for an individual or small group. We have custom designed our Quality Dental Plan to have a special group offering for small businesses who would normally not be able to offer a dental plan to employees. Call our office for more information.


Treatment Them Us
New Patient Exam $180 $0
Full Mouth X-Ray $150 $0
Emergency Dental Exam $60 $0
Emergency Dental X-Ray $30 $0