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  • Cost per arch. Complete upper or lower digital denture
  • Free Initial Consultation ($150 Value)
  • Does not include extractions
  • Limited time offer

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Avadent Digital Dentures Crofton Maryland Stoute DentalAvaDent Digital Dentures are the new standard of care in denture therapy. Whether you are a new denture patient or have been wearing dentures for years, you will find that this product is on the leading edge and offers an exceptional computer-precise fit. Whether you need a complete upper and lower denture, a single arch denture, or a denture that is held in the mouth with implants, AvaDent has a solution for you. If you are getting dentures for the first time, AvaDent immediate dentures can make the transition easier and put a smile on your face.

Dr. Tom Balshi and the Pi Team change this man’s life with an AvaDent denture and a new smile. from AvaDent Dentures on Vimeo.

Benefits of an AvaDent™ Digital Denture

Avadent Dentures
An AvaDent Digital Denture is milled from a puck of acrylic material. This puck is created under high heat and pressure, which allows for the material to become very dense, very stable and very durable. It is this patented process that allows us to create a denture offering many benefits:
    • Immediate Dentures: If you are about to lose all your teeth, you may be a candidate for an immediate denture. Immediate dentures are placed in your mouth, the same day that your teeth are extracted, so that you don’t have to go without any teeth.
    • Precise Fit of denture: This prevents movement of the denture during eating and talking
    • Fewer Denture Sores: Since the denture has a much better fit and doesn’t move easily, those sores that can develop during movement of the denture are reduced
    • Durable: The denture is much stronger and thereby resists breakage
    • Comfortable:Since the denture material is so much more durable, the denture can be thinner and lighter, making it much more comfortable to wear
    • Odor free: The material is very dense and non-porous. What this means is that bacteria does not stick to the denture, which helps to prevent “Denture breath”. Also, the denture does not easily become stained and discolored.

  • Fewer post-op visits: Your new dentures will last a long time. This means fewer visits to the dentist.

Avadent™ Patient Testimonials

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How do I start?

In order to know whether Avadent™ Digital Dentures will work for you, give us a call at (410) 721-0900 or schedule your free consultation. During the consultation, we will further inform you on the technique, how it works, pricing, and if it is the right choice of treatment for you. Pricing varies depending on the severity of your case, and the length of treatment. Print the coupon below and bring it with you to take advantage of our special offer.

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