Laser Teeth Cleaning in Crofton Maryland

Laser Teeth Cleaning Crofton Maryland Stoute Dental
When you come in for a dental cleaning appointment our goal is to keep your gum tissue and supporting bone in excellent health. Traditionally we do this by scraping off the accumulated plaque and calculus that attaches to your teeth both above and below the gum line depending on the type of cleaning you are receiving. We use both metal hand instruments as well as ultrasonic scalers to accomplish this.
Since recent studies showing the link between Periodontal Disease (unhealthy gums and the supporting bone below) and other systemic diseases like diabetes, low birth weight babies and most recently heart disease I feel our office needs to be more proactive in treating improvement of the periodontal health of our patients. Towards that end, we have integrated the use of Diode Lasers for our hygienists.
Laser Teeth Cleaning Crofton Maryland
Diode lasers used in our office will be the 940 nm wavelength. This is a very mild wavelength that will not harm or remove hard tissue.
We offer a procedure called Laser Bacterial Reduction. The goals and benefits of this treatment are:
  • Increase and improvement of periodontal health
  • Reduce the number of harmful bacteria below the gum tissue
  • Softens the calculus so it is easier to remove
  • Improves gum health by decreasing bleeding and inflammation
  • Pre-rinses don’t affect the bacteria within the pocket, but the laser will
  • Unlike the use of antibiotics there are no systemic affects and no allergies
The other common uses for the diode laser are:
  • Treatment of cold sores and canker sores
  • Elimination and decrease of cold sensitivity at the gum line
  • Frenectomies and gingivectomies
For patients with existing periodontal disease, we will be using the laser in deeper pockets of 4mm and greater to remove diseased tissue within the pocket and stimulate reattachment of the periodontal fibers. This treatment
is called Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy/LAPT. 
The laser decontamination process is painless and normally takes about 5-10 minutes.
We highly recommend that you take advantage of this service as part of your routine cleaning.
How do I start?
Give us a call at (410) 721-0900 or schedule your free consultation. During the consultation, we will further inform you on the technique, how it works, pricing, and if it is the right choice of treatment for you. Pricing varies depending on the severity of your case, and the length of treatment.