Root Canal Dentists in Crofton Maryland

Root Canal Dentist Crofton Maryland Stoute Dental

Root canal therapy is routinely performed to save infected or broken teeth. Teeth serve an important function and it is often beneficial to save them. Discolored teeth, fractured teeth or abscessed teeth may be saved by root canal therapy rather than being lost to dental extraction.

Some indications of the need for root canal treatment may be:

  • Spontaneous pain or throbbing while biting.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods.
  • Severe decay or an injury that creates an abscess (infection) in the bone.
  • A persistent or recurring pimple on your gums
  • Teeth that have been traumatized in an accident
  • Exposure of a tooth’s nerve

A root canal is a procedure done to save the infected or dead pulp in the root canal of the tooth by cleaning out the diseased pulp and reshaping the canal. The canal is filled with a rubber-like substance called gutta–percha or another material to prevent recontamination of the tooth. The tooth is then permanently sealed, with possibly a post and/or a crown made of porcelain or metal alloy. This enables patients to keep the original tooth.

Dr. Brian Stoute and Dr. Natalie Stoute are trained to perform endodontic treatment. For difficult root canals you may be referred to a root canal specialist.

How do I start?

Give us a call at (410) 721-0900 or schedule your free consultation. During the consultation, we will further inform you on the technique, how it works, pricing, and if it is the right choice of treatment for you. Pricing varies depending on the severity of your case, and the length of treatment.